Crypto Corner: Autospreader® Tricks & Tools for Cryptocurrency Trading

Setting Up Autospreader

Autospreader Ratios
Based on the way Autospreader works, Autospreader order quantities must be entered in whole number integers. If you want to trade exchange quantities in increments under 1, you need to define your ratio in terms of what order size you’ll want to work at your smallest unit size. For example, you could define the ratio setting between CoinFLEX and Deribit as .1 (CoinFLEX) to -900 (Deribit, if BTC is at 9000). To work a full one lot BTC on CoinFLEX, you would enter a 10 lot order quantity in the synthetic market.

Autospreader Rules

TT Quote Throttle
Exchange recommendation: BitMEX and Deribit.
This rule lets you slow down and throttle order submissions, and have different settings for orders moving closer to the inside market or higher in quantity (“Inside” adjustments) versus orders moving away from the inside market, or reducing quantity (“Outside” adjustments). A throttle is essential to use on BitMEX and could also be useful on Deribit, where limits are initially as low as two requests per second for new users, or on any exchange where you may find yourself getting “overquoting” rejections. Example settings for Deribit could be 100 on “outside” and 1000 on “inside.” Also, you may find success emailing exchange support requesting an increase in quoting limits. Deribit, for example, offers tiers (read about it here) to higher volume customers for an enhanced autospreading experience.



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